Hem Ink Dola Graphic Inc staff is highly motivated to give the quickest service and best quality possible by listening and understanding what our clients want and deserve. For the clients that prefer English support, Hem Ink Dola Graphic Inc can answer and help your printing needs in the comfort of English. Printing is done in-house by hand, not sent to an offsite factory. Hem Ink Dola Graphic Inc can quickly adjust or modify orders as we understand t-shirt printing is an investment that needs special care. With our fast turn-around time of 10 business days, clients receive there order before other print shops. Plus, most deliveries to New York, Virginia,Texas,FloridalWashington,Georgia,Ohio,North Carolina,Utah,Minnesota can be received 24hrs after the order leaves Hem Ink Dola Graphic Inc. For our clients that are cost sensitive, Hem Ink Dola Graphic Inc offers many specials to make your ordering easy and affordable. Some specials include: Band & DJ shirt campaigns, College club shirts and other offer that can be found on our site, our Facebook page or by contacting us. Printing T-shirts in Japan was never easier.